Men Are Simply Not Taking Care of Their Health

A Well Men’s Health Clinic, to be set up in Brent, north London, next month as one of the first of its type, is going to have its work cut out. As Colin Nolder, the deputy community administrator for Brent, put it: ‘Men just don’t seem to be interested in their own health care’. And that is putting it mildly. Men are about as fascinated by the concept of their own health care as they are by embroidering a handkerchief.

Nobody is more surprised than a man when, after years of corporal neglect, nemesis strikes in the form of heart disease or lung cancer, but even then he manages to detach himself from the problem and assumes that in two cuts of the surgeon’s scalpel he will be as right as two ticks. Men reason that it is someone else’s job to make them well enough to go on doing the things that will probably land them in intensive care again.

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It is not that they lack self-discipline. Men are the most assiduous of dieters and forswearers of booze – for a time. Their problem is that they think that if they lose a stone one month and put it back on again the next, they have still clocked up enough Brownie points to see them through to a grand old age.

Men also have some pretty perverse notions about good diet. There is an apocryphal story about a man who had 30 pints of beer and one small pie, was taken violently ill and said, ‘That pie must have been bad’, but I find it wholly believable.

Men embrace new health-fads with all the heady ardor with which they fall headlong into unsuitable infatuations. They take up squash, jogging, weight-lifting. Hundreds of pounds are spent on Magic of Making Up e-books, cross-country skiing exercisers and training shoes that cost more than a pair of Manolo Blahnik black suede pumps. For a few months their owners are transformed into creatures of almost unbearable pep and vigor, a cross between John McEnroe and Jeffrey Archer. But then the mornings become rainy, the television programs begin to perk up, the shoelaces on the training shoes break…

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Who can tell the precise reason why all the health-giving equipment lies rotting in the cupboard? Who can tell why men don’t use vaporizers instead of cancer-causing cigarettes? Who can tell why love is finally dismissed as infatuation?

Men have a lousy sense of health priorities. They will make no end of a fuss over a slight case of sniffles, taking to their bed with Lemsip, boxes of man-sized Kleenex and thrice-daily changes of pajamas. But they will ignore the searing pain along the arm which threatens a heart attack; or the smoker’s cough that sounds like the death-knell itself.

The trouble with health care as a way of life is that it is deadly boring and men have a low tolerance-threshold towards the tedious. It is all they can do to get through a family Christmas without throwing their garrulous old auntie in the fire and Christmas is but once a year. The cultivation of abstemious habits for a whole lifetime is more than mortal men can bear.


So all in all the staff of Brent’s Well Men’s Health Clinic face a hefty challenge. I hope they rise to it and do not resort (for the clinic also deals with family planning) to pushing a packet of condoms across the desk, in much the same way as harassed GPs have, without looking up, pushed a prescription for tranquillizers towards female patients whose health concerns lie deeper than a need to keep on taking the tablets.

SizeGenetics vs. Penis Surgery

I had been thinking about enlarging my penis using an extender like the SizeGenetics device. But I also wondered if surgery might not be more effective. I mean, does the SizeGenetics extender really even work? It seemed like a lot of effort and discomfort for very small gains.

So I started visiting penis surgery clinics. I had to wait a long time in the waiting room for the first visit. Things did improve when Ron finally appeared. A twenty-something guy dressed in casual clothing, he dryly explained that the surgical technique was about 15 years old, and had originally been used on men who had been in car accidents or who suffered from microphalluses.

small penis

He estimated that Dr. Tyler had performed about 300 of the operations so far. Like Doug, the consultant at Dr. Mann’s office, he said that I would probably lose two to three days of work and would not be able to make love for six to eight weeks. Admittedly, this would not be the case if I tried to enlarge my penis with SizeGenetics. There are other penis extenders, such as the ProExtender device, but SizeGenetics is supposed to be the Rolls-Royce of extenders.

I could expect a 50 percent overall increase in total penile mass, provided I worked out regularly with the weights. This was significantly more than if I used SizeGenetics. The only real difference I could see between the two doctors was price, as Ron quoted me a figure of $5,500 for the two phases of the operation — $400 less than Dr. Mann’s charges.

At this juncture, I was starting to have second thoughts. After my interview with Dr. Mann, I was definitely leaning toward having him perform the surgery. The snazzy office, his breezy sales pitch and the overall aura of cool professionalism that he projected definitely played well with me. But I guess that some part of me was offended that he hadn’t expressed more amazement that a guy with a rhino horn like mine was seriously considering such an operation.

Also, I’m a bit on the cheap side. Let’s face it: even though the SizeGenetics device was expensive, it was way cheaper than penis surgery.

The operation seemed pretty much the same whoever did it, so why should I shell out the extra money to have one guy do it rather than the other? Also, I kind of like to dicker, so when Ron said the doctor might knock an additional 5 percent off the sticker price if I provided my own financing, I was really starting to get interested. Indeed, Ron, after a bit of negotiating, said that Dr. Tyler could handle the operation for a mere five grand.

But then I heard that the penis surgery would be performed in Amityville.

The word hit me like a right hook to the groin. For weeks, I’d been living in a kind of trance, idly dreaming of buying myself the gift that keeps on giving. But now I was jolted right back to reality. As I thought back to the film The Amityville Horror, I found the weird imagery of the whole situation too discombobulating to deal with. I envisioned myself trapped in a house haunted by ghosts with large weights dangling from their penises, emitting ghastly shrieks in the middle of the night. I imagined spectral forms hunkered down in the basement mourning uncontrollably because they’d shelled out $5,000 and had gotten only an extra half an inch. I saw myself hounded in the dark hour before dawn by pitiful limping wraiths clutching their groin areas, pointing to the telltale surgical scar just above their penises.

Bitterly, I realized that it was time to bring an end to this strange interlude in my life. Penis extensions were fine for men cursed with microphalluses, victims of car accidents or editors at Vanity Fair. But now I realized that if God had already given me more than my share of penile equipment, it was pure folly not to be satisfied.

I decided to buy SizeGenetics.


Can VigRx Plus Help Men with Spinal Injuries?

VigRx Plus is one of the leading natural male enhancement products you can buy today. It is all-natural and safe to use. There are no side effects. But can VigRx Plus really cure impotence? How about impotence caused by spinal cord injury?

The National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Md.) estimates that between 10 million and 20 million men suffer from some degree of impotence. Some people believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. As the population continues to age, an estimated 47 million men worldwide will be impotent from a variety of causes by 2000.


Impotence is “the ability to achieve or maintain an erection satisfactory for intercourse.” It does not address fertility, libido, ejaculation, or orgasm. While impotence affects mostly an older age group, younger men–especially those with spinal-cord injuries and disease (SCI/D)–can also develop the problem.

New solutions such as VigRx Plus are available for various sexual problems caused by spinal-cord injury’s physical effects and psychological stresses.

“Sexuality” has different meanings. For some people, it refers to physical aspects of sexual functioning, such as erections. This aspect of sexuality is easily helped by male enhancement pills such as VigRx Plus.

But the term actually has a much broader interpretation.


Sexuality includes how we feel about ourselves and relate to others as men or women, how we feel about our bodies, and how we express our sexual feelings as well as our needs for intimacy with ourselves and others.

We are sexual beings from birth, and each of us is capable of giving and receiving pleasure regardless of age or state of health. However, we may need to do things differently than we did in the past. We don’t need to take enhancement pills like VigRx Plus when we are young. However, as men age and lose testosterone and other sex hormones, products like VigRx Plus become more in demand.

Our sexuality influences to a greater extent the way we view ourselves and the world around us. It is an integral part of our existence.

Many people believe the sexual part of their lives ends after spinal-cord injury (SCI). This is not necessarily true. Just as a wheelchair can restore mobility, adequate sexual information and advice about pills like VigRx Plus can restore optimum functioning and self-esteem.

VigRx Plus

Expressing sexuality in a free and normal way requires a degree of acceptance–not just from society or even from a significant other. Ultimately more important to development as sexual beings is a true acceptance of ourselves–our complete selves: the good and the bad as well as the potential of our minds and spirits–instead of dwelling on specific physical conditions’ limitations.

Sexuality includes emotional as well as physical aspects (touching, kissing, or intercourse) and may or may not involve a partner. We need to address and understand all aspects of our sexuality and remain open to using sexual aids such as VigRx Plus and other male enhancement products.

No Need for Semenax in Cybersex

There are now other ways to improve your sex life than by taking natural male enhancement pills such as Semenax. Sure, Semenax might improve erectile function and increase the body’s production of semen, but it can’t replace a sexual partner.

That’s right. Scientists in the United States are now working to replace sexual intercourse between human beings with “inter-facing” between humans and computers.


They call the new technology “cybersex”, a broad term that can encompass anything from hot chat on a computer bulletin board to “virtual sex” with sophisticated computer simulation programs. Who needs Semenax when you have a willing computer?

With Americans increasingly shunning sexual contact because of the fear of aids and the complications of real-life relationships, the computer alternative is catching on fast. After all, natural male enhancement products like Semenax increase the amount of seminal fluid. But if that semen can cause disease, who needs it?

Eventually, some prophets proclaim, cybersex could be better than the real thing. “It can be compared to a sophisticated Nintendo game with an adult theme,” said Mike Saenz, a cybersex pioneer.

“But potentially it could be better than the real thing because it could become the realization of our fantasies,” he said. “There’s no such thing as erectile dysfunction or impotence with this kind of sex. You won’t need natural male enhancement pills such as Semenax. If you are the kind of person who is longing for things you don’t have in the world, you could realize your sexual dreams.”


Mr. Saenz, 33, a former cartoonist for Marvel Comics, runs a company called Virtual Valerie in Chicago which markets one of the first interactive cybersex software packages. Just slip a CD-ROM into your disk-drive and an animated Virtual Valerie will appear on screen and obey your every sex command or at least every command for which she has been programmed.

With sales of around 10,000, Virtual Valerie is now the second-bestselling CD-ROM and is stimulating sales of the new type of computer disk-drive, which looks similar to an audio CD but can carry visual data as well as sound. It is estimated that sales of this product will soon eclipse sales of natural enhancement products like Semenax.

Semenax pills

Mr. Saenz is now developing a more sophisticated sexual playmate for the computer buff, to be known as DonnaMatrix. He believes, however, that by the year 2020 the world could have entered the much-anticipated era of the “penis orgasmatron” the imaginary simulated sex machine featured in Woody Allen’s film “Bananas”.

Last year, cinema-goers saw one futuristic rendition of how such virtual sex might work in the science fiction film “The Lawnmower Man”. Jobe, the gardener of the title, borrows the virtual reality equipment in a government research laboratory to have sex with his new girlfriend, Marnie.

The two lovers strap themselves into complete body suits suspended in the air and, with the help of the computer, try to engage in sex and achieve orgasms by remote control.

Will cybersex soon make other male enhancement products like Semenax obsolete? Only time will tell, but there’s no questions that robots are coming, and they want to have sex with you.

Can the Penomet Pump Add Inches to Your Penis?

In my quest to enlarge the size of my penis, I decided to try a penis pump called Penomet. This was a new design that used water instead of air to create a vacuum. It is supposed to be safer and more effective than most penis pumps.

But the Penomet pump didn’t really do what I wanted it to do—enlarge my penis permanently. The effects were temporary. I read that you really have to use the Penomet pump a lot to achieve permanent results.


Before I embarked on a real regimen using a penis pump, I decided to check out other options for penis enlargement. First up was penis surgery. I visited a clinic and chatted with a Dr. Mann.

Dr. Mann pointed out that, while the surgical procedure he practiced was relatively new, the concept of javelin modification was not. According to him, a tribe in India, a tribe in northern Uganda and a tribe in South America all attached stones to the penises of boys during puberty, thereby extending the size of the penis to as much as 18 inches.

Naturally, this made me wish that I’d been born in a more exotic locale than Philadelphia, where such activity is frowned upon. A breezy, chatty fellow, Dr. Mann said I would have to use the weights several times a day and would have to wear them for about a year. The Penomet penis pump was looking better and better as I listened to Dr. Mann.

Now came the part of the interview that I’d been most curious about. In order to explain how the procedure was done, Dr. Mann asked me to unveil Mr. Entertainment. As I did, I sort of hoped the penis doctor might fall back in his chair and say, “My heavens, man, why would anyone dream of tampering with a work of art like that!”

penis enlargement

But no, he just kept blabbing. From his reaction, it was clear that Dr. Mann was used to dealing with obscenely endowed men who, for their own reasons, wanted more when they already had far too much. And despite what an Extenze Review might say, you simply cannot enlarge your penis with mere natural male enhancement pills.

As I was leaving the office, Dr. Mann asked for $150.

By this point, I was definitely leaning toward having my penis enhanced by the rigorously professional Dr. Mann rather than a plastic tube called the Penomet. But being an educated consumer, I decided to give his competitor another shot.

On closer reflection, I realized that bolting from the reception area two weeks earlier had been ridiculous. The penis enhancement surgery wasn’t performed on the premises, after all, but in a surgical center, so the two limping men that I saw couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with the penile enhancement outfit. It was all just a coincidence.

So I called back and made a second appointment.

Once again, I had to go through the humiliation of sitting in the waiting room, getting the once-over from a female receptionist. Here, for the benefit of any penile-enhancement surgeon who may be reading this article, let me say this: Having a female receptionist handle the application for this kind of surgery is a bad, bad idea. There’s just no way that a guy can sit in the lobby filling out the application without feeling that the woman is secretly dissing him. No way.

That’s one good thing about using the Penomet pump to enlarge the size of your penis. You can do it yourself, in private. No one needs to know. OK, Penomet, here I come!